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코드    AIAA-2010-8170
문헌분류    학술발표대회
제목    The Effect of Synthetic Vision Enhancements on Landing Flare Performance
저자     L. Le Ngoc (Delft University of Technology) , C. Borst (Delft University of Technology) , M. Mulder (Delft University of Technology) , M. M. van Paassen (Delft University of Technology)
학술대회명    AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference   표기언어 : ENG   
회의장소    Toronto
회의기간    2010/08/02 - 2010/08/05
주관기관    AIAA

The usage of heads-down, non-conformal synthetic vision displays for landings below minimums has inherent problems during the flare due to minification effects. Literature showed that pilots can use four visual cues to perform a manual flare maneuver. Amongst their strategies, the Jacobson flare method seemed the most suitable to provide flare initi- ation and flare control cues. Offline, linear simulation results indicated that the Jacobson method was robust and its performance was comparable to an automatic landing system. An enhanced synthetic vision display was designed offering support cues to aid pilots with this landing method. An experiment was conducted in a fixed-based simulator with eight professional pilots and eight novice pilots. The enhanced display was tested against a basic version and conventional primary flight display with outside visuals. Each pilot group was split into two groups with different display orders to check for possible learning effects. The experiment showed that touchdown position was not affected by display type. The enhanced display did achieve softer touchdown sink rates compared to the basic version. The softest landings were done on outside visuals. A strong learning curve was also ob- served for the group of pilots that first flew with the enhanced display: this translated into better achieved performances with subsequent displays. Therefore, it could be a valuable tool for basic flight training and reduce the number of flight hours required in mastering the landing flare.