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코드    AIAA-2006-5199
문헌분류    학술발표대회
제목    Experimental Studies on Mass Distribution of Impinging Jets
저자     Hrishikesh Gadgil (Indian Institute of Science) , Sandip Sabnis (Indian Institute of Science) , Basavanahali Raghunandan (Indian Institute of Science) Charlie Oommen (Indian Institute of Science)
학술대회명    42nd AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference and Exhibit   표기언어 : ENG   
회의장소    Sacramento, California
회의기간    2006/07/09 - 2006/07/12
주관기관    AIAA

Noting that practical impinging injectors are likely to have skewness, an experimental study has been made to understand the behavior of such jets using water as the simulant. In perfectly impinging jets, a high aspect ratio ellipse-like mass distribution pattern is obtained with major axis normal to the plane of two jets whereas in skewed jets the major axis turns from its normal position. A simple analysis shows that this angle of turn is a function of skewness fraction and impingement angle only and is independent of injection velocity. Experimental data from both mass distribution and photographic technique validate this prediction.